Texas-based RCI Hospitality Holdings Inc., owner of various strip clubs, nightclubs, sports bars and restaurants, publicly announced on Wednesday, December 7, that it has completed the purchase of a building at 130 Main Street in Central City, Colorado, aka “the four-story, 30.000 square-foot building in the heart of the downtown gaming district in historic Central City, CO, one of only three cities in the state where casino gambling is legal,” for its new, planned restaurant & casino, Rick’s Cabaret Steakhouse & Casino.

The company purchased the site for 2.4 million US dollars in cash.

Rick’s Cabaret Steakhouse & Casino layout:

The building for Rick’s Cabaret Steakhouse & Casino is 30.000 square feet tall and it will have 175 slot machines, a craps table, one roulette table and six blackjack tables and will improve gross gaming revenue (GGR) from clubs in Illinois and Louisiana.

Once open, customers at Rick’s Cabaret Steakhouse & Casino will have the opportunity to play a variety of casino and video slot games, wager on sports and sample fine dining options and other entertainment.

Main purpose of the purchase:

The Colorado location is of utmost importance to the company, as it allows it to fulfill its long-awaited goal of expanding its presence throughout Colorado.

However, the company and its subsidiaries are known across the U.S., with more than 60 locations including restaurants, adult clubs and sports bars.

New gaming license:

Since Central City is one of three cities along with Cripple Creek and Black Hawk in Colorado where gambling is legalized, RCI subsidiaries applied for a gaming license.

Legal gambling:

Colorado is one of 36 states across the U.S. where online sports betting is legal.

A fun fact about Central City, Cripple Creek and Black Hawk is that they are known as “historic mining towns” and have legalized gambling since 1991. Also, Colorado legalized sports betting in 2020 and completely removed all statewide betting restrictions in 2021.

These cities rely heavily on sports betting and overall gambling and more than 1 billion US dollars in wagers is placed on slot machines in Central City throughout the last 12 months ending in June of this year.

Last year, the city had more than 80 million US dollars in gaming and non-gaming revenue.

RCI completes purchase of Location for Rick’s Cabaret Steakhouse and Casino in Colorado


RCI Hospitality Holdings is a leading company in adult nightclubs, sports bars and restaurants. It’s headquartered in Houston, Texas and it was founded in 1983 and officially launched in 1995.

With over 39 years of the experience, the company has established its brand through fine dining, highly innovative casino, video slot games and sports betting portfolio and outstanding entertainment.

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